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            1. TEL: +86-13306147133
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              Yajia Chemical

              Strong economic strength, strong development and innovation capacity and solid spiritual heritage


              Company was established in 2018
              Yajia chemical


              Enterprise area of 98800 m2
              Yajia chemical


              Products are exported to 30 countries
              Yajia chemical


              Annual productivity 8000 tons
              Yajia chemical

              about yajia

              Jiuquan Yajia Chemical Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang Jinyang Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a technology enterprise integrating scientific research and development, and our employees with a college education or above account for more than 40% of the total number of workers. At present, we are a specialized manufacturer of Pharmaceutical intermediates, Pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products....

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              Main products: o-Phthalaldehyde、Isophthalaldehyde、4-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid、2-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid、2-Chlorophenylacetic acid、2,4-Dichlorophenylacetic acid、2,4,6-Trimethylphenylacetic acid、3-Chlorophenylacetic acid、4-Chlorophenylacetic acid、2-Fluorophenylacetic acid、m-fluorophenylacetic acid、4-Fluorophenylacetic acid、2-Coumaranone、2-Chlorobenzamide、
              Yajia wholeheartedly welcomes colleagues from all walks of life to discuss cooperation and create a great cause.

              Strong equipment force

              Our company boasts powerful technical strength, complete production equipment as well as advanced testing apparatus; moreover, we have successfully certificated to ISO9001: 2000 quality system and EMS 14000 environment system.......【More+】

              • 380MillionTotal investment
              • 12BuildingsWorkshop
              • 200PeopleCompany staff
              • 300SetsReaction kettle
              Yajia Chemical has established a perfect marketing service network, and 80% of its products are exported to Europe, America, India, Japan and other countries.

              Highly praised by foreign businessmen

              • Yajia chemical
                Continuously improve market share at home and abroad
              • Yajia chemical
                Sold to more than 30 countries and regions
              • Yajia chemical
                Continuously expand overseas marketing channels
              Winning the future together
              Yajia wholeheartedly welcomes colleagues from all walks of life to discuss cooperation and create a great cause.
              Yajia chemical
              No. 9 Xingfu Road,Yumen Building Material Chemical Industrial Zone,Yumen City,Jiuquan City,Gansu Province,China
              Yajia chemical
              Personnel tel
              Mr. Yan +86-13306147133
              Yajia chemical
              office TEL
              Yajia chemical